Very early on. Tomek P. Lewandowski, Grzegorz Welizarowicz, Tomasz Rogo¶, Marcin Dymiter.


MORDY was formed in Sopot, Poland in 1993 by tres amigos Tomasz P. Lewandowski (guitar, bass, voice), Tomasz Rogo¶ (drums, conga) i Grzegorz Welizarowicz (bass, guitar, voice). Tomek Lewandowski was a former member of CATHERINE WEEL where he had collaborated with Robert Łysy Suszko of WIELORYB, UMM and DATADISK.
Grzegorz was also a member of EGO from 1993 to 1998. MORDY's first names included KOLOR and ¦WIATOWEJ SŁAWY ¦PIEWACZKA. In this initial period we occasionally collaborated with Leszek Niezabitowski (guitar) i Mirka - a punk violin player from Sopot. We rehearse in a physiotherapy medical center in Sopot thanks to a continuous support of Grzegorz's mother.

Tour in Denmark. 2000. Marcin Dymiter, Bartek Adamczak, Grzegorz Welizarowicz i Tomek P. Lewandowski


Marcin Dymiter of EWA BRAUN joins MORDY in 1996. Together we work on our debut CD material recorded late 1998 and early 1999 with Maciej Cie¶lak of ¦CIANKA at his studio in Sopot. Produced by Maciej Cie¶lak and Marcin Dymiter. Monik "G±bka" Tomczak is our guest - she sings "Canto de Cao" in Portugese.

20.05.2004 gig at Glaz'Art in Paris.


We play our first gig ever as MORDY on 26.02.1999 at the Tripolis Underground Mix Festival. Antena Krzyku UNC. decides to publish our material in spring of 2000. Tomasz Rogo¶ leaves the band soon after. Bartek Adamczak of EGO becomes our permanent drummer. Marcin and Grzegorz had played with Bartek before not only in EGO but also in CHLUPOT MÓZGU and GAMADISCO. In July 2000 we record low fi our second material. Our guest singer is Bożena Zezula of Gdańsk Theater DADA VON BZDULOV. In September 2000 Grzegorz leaves for a year to live and study in California. He studies Chicano theater with the world famous scholar Jorge Huerta and is introduced to African drumming by Nana Yaw Asiedu in his ILE AYAN organization.


Paris 2004. Greg, Bartek, Marcin, Wojtek Jachna.


Now in trio MORDY work on their third material. Soon the set is recorded with guest appearances of Joanna Charchan (sax) and Bożena Zezula (voice). In August 2001 Grzegorz comes back from the US. Now Tomek Lewandowski decides to take a leave. In trio again: Bartek, Marcin and Grzegorz. We decide to publish our second material on our own. It is a completely uncut version of the recording but we like it. It comes out in January 2002. In January 2002 Marcin Dymiter quits Ewa Braun. "Of Fruits," our third CD, is published by Post Post c/o rockers publishing from Wroclaw, Poland in April 2003. In may 2003 we went into our studio to record our fourth material. The songs are long. In may 2004 we play in Paris invited by the Polak Association. In October 2004 Tone Industria, an independent label from Warsaw, publishes our latest material under the title "Antrology". In October and December 2004 we take part in the "Saissone Polonaise" in France (Rennes, Lille, Bourges-en-Bresse) and play gigs together with Pieces of Brain, Maestro Trytony, Robotobibok, Pustki, and The Band of Endless Noise.

January 2005 in Wrocław. Mordy: Greg, Marcin, Bard, Wojtek Jachna.

On April 28, 2006 after a concert in Berlin at the Terra Polska Festival Marcin Dymiter announced his departure from our band. He is no longer part of the musical team of MORDY but, like other dearly gone friends, he will be missed and will remain a constant presence in our memory and gratitude. Thank U Marcin.
(added May 08, 2006)

Ok. Folks so here's some news...
We have regrouped. At the end of 2006 we were joined by a new member and now perform as a power trio with
Bart Adamczak on drums, Greg Welizarowicz on bass and (brand new and young) Marcin Zabrocki on keyboards.

story by Grzegorz Welizarowicz

Current line up:
Bart Adamczak - drums
Marcin Zabrocki - keyboards
Greg Welizarowicz - bass